Warranty Statement


3 Year Warranty Statement

Auslite Solution

Pursuant to the detailed conditions herein, we warrant, during the warranty period of three years from the date of delivery. The warranty applies exclusively upon the condition that:

  1. The products are used in conformity with the stated product and usage specifications (particularly according to the specification sheet, product brochure, product label and the like);
  2. The products were professionally installed and placed in service according to the installation instructions accompanying the product;
  3. The maintenance and repair services on the products have been performed exclusively in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications;
  4. Services such as software upgrades or added functionality, have been performed exclusively by the manufacturer or third party named by the manufacturer;
  5. The acceptable limits for temperatures and voltages according to the relevant technical and product-specific standards indicated are not exceeded;
  6. The product is not exposed to any unintended mechanical and/or chemical stresses.

The warranty exclusively covers product failures that are caused by proven material, design or manufacturing flaws and exceed the mean nominal failure rate. In the case of controllers or components such as LED modules, the mean nominal failure rate is 0.2%/1000 hrs of operation, unless the median nominal service life and nominal failure rate of the controllers or components are otherwise defined in the product and usage specifications (particularly according to the specification sheet, product brochure and the like).

The customer is not entitled to make any claims under this warranty unless the customer notifies Auslite Solution of the case that is covered by the warranty within 14 days of noticing the defect; the notification shall be in writing with attachment of a copy of the applicable purchase agreement or invoice and corresponding proof of the defect that has appeared. If upon inspection of the product it should appear that the case is covered by this warranty then we may, at our own discretion repair the product, replace the product with identical or equivalent product or refund the original purchase price of the product. For product failures that have already been corrected through exchange, repair or price reduction within the scope of the warranty, the balance of the initial warranty period applies and the warranty period does not restart.

The warranty do not cover any labour cost and equipment hire incurred with removing, repairing and replacing defected products or components.